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This is just a postscript to what happened to satisfy some people who are nagging me to give them some closure on it.

Admittedly, I am almost afraid to jump to conclusions on this, which is why I’m posting it here rather than on some of my better known blogs.

The first girl I spoke to at earthlink technical support was the first to become bewildered by the situation.

I had already set things in motion to escape from Earthlink out of a natural wariness before I posted the article. I had cable internet through a reciprocal agreement that Earthlink has with Comcast.

When I discovered that I could recieve, but not send using Earthlink’s email account (which had been my primary email account since 04), I called tech support. Earthlink’s tech support is outsourced to India. I asked her if the system was having trouble and she answered me “No. The system is fine. It’s just you.”

She then told me it would take at least 72 hours to fix because she had no idea what was wrong. I became insistent and was moved up to a supervisor who informed me that I had been blocked from sending for a tos violation. I attempted to find out what the nature of the violation was and he told me that he had no idea.

That was on Sunday, two days after I posted the article on my website.

I suspect that had my entire internet service have come from Earthlink, it would have been cancelled. However, Comcast is a more reasonable (dare I say ‘sane’?) company.

The girl I spoke to at Earthlink to cancel both my internet service and my phone service (I had truevoice) also had no explanation for what had happened. She asked why I was cancelling, and I told her it was a political decision. She tried to bring it back to the usual set of standarized scripted questions they provide to their customer service people, and each time I brought it back around to the fact that I had no intention of answering them because it was a political decision.

I also informed her that my verizon account was now active when she warned me that I was going to lose everything by switching and enduring a period of no access while I got the new account set up. It never occurred to her that I might set the new account up before cancelling.

Toward the end of the conversation, I asked her if she could see the flag saying I had a tos violation. She could see it. But she could not explain it.

In the end, I am left wondering just what happened and why; and feeling rather uneasy about jumping to conclusions.

Postscript to a postscript:

The ‘Simone’ in the introduction to my article is Simone Welch.