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Janrae Frank has to be high on something to have said that. HAS TO.

First, she claimed to have saved young people from Nickolaus Pacione (such as Kody Boye and others, I think), makes herself out to be a hero for younger writers and an inspiration in dark fantasy. Then she claims to have abused meth and coke, and may still use it, and NOW she has become the very essence — actually, worse — of NP by threatening lives.

Do you see the irony here? I wonder if that is really Janrae Frank, because she usually uses the name CUSSEDNESS.

Posted by Lawrence Dagstine – Speculative Fiction Author on Friday, April 25, 2008 at 8:54 AM
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This was posted to the myspace of Krusty Shortcakes.

Oh, how you do love to deceive and twist. My guess is that you are secretly afraid of me. You need to be battered severely with the chair leg of truth.

I have two accounts at wordpress, so sometimes I use Janrae Frank and sometimes Cussedness.  Feel free to ask Rusty for verification that those comments were mine.

What you consider a threat is in actuality a fairly commonplace taunt. What is it about “twenty years clean” that you don’t understand? Saving kids? Well, yes, I did. Back in 04. Kyle Kuchek is one of them. He came to me after I posted my review of TP 1.

I will admit to sometimes being too tired to think straight. I have post polio syndrome. Maybe you should look that up.

A better writer than I am? Nowhere except in your wildest delusions will you ever be better than I am.

Drink much? You have posted drunken comments to Rusty so many times, that i suspect you are the pot calling the black. Alcoholism is an addiction.