The largest genre readership is romance.  Some of my characters are deliberately styled to appeal to that side of my readership.

I don’t care for spunk spitting clock and smashing children’s heads in because some delusional freak thinks they are pumpkins.

So he keeps jumping upon my romantic descriptions of Kynyr Maguire as examples of how I can’t write.

As I have said before, our readerships do not overlap in taste and never will.

i also have deliberately chosen to write in an ‘informal’ style and third omni.  The narrative language is chosen to represent the word choices of the characters.

So, simply pointing and laughing and making vacuous insults fails.  I don’t see him telling me in specific detail what it wrong with it.  And since he does not write romantic fiction, I rather doubt he understands it.

But in the end, what counts is sale figures.

And that awful (not) romantic aspect to my work sells copies, puts me on fictionwise dark fantasy best seller list, and currently has kept my books on the highest rated in dark fantasy at fictionwise for close to a week this time.

And guess which books they are, Mikkake?  The ones you are making fun of.