In the previous samples of Nitwits saying that my writing was inferior, I want to point out a few flaws in their argument. I’m not really concerned with their opinions of my works, as I am in the style in which they do it.


Heckling is not a crit or a review. Nothing of substance is said in it. Heckling does not prove bad or invalidate the the piece of writing they are poking at.

So what is wrong with the sample you posted of my work? Are my commas in the wrong places? Is my description badly handled? A proper response from you would have been to state what was wrong with it.

When I have heckled Dickstain’s writing, I have pointed out the errors.

He would have benefited from that, but instead he jumps into a personal attack by discussing my drug use twenty years ago, implying that I am still using, and attempting (albeit unsuccessfully) to drag my name through the mud.

And yet, nothing is changed.

He does not bother to better himself, and he does not offer valid criticism of my work, which any freshman college student could have offered.

Dagstine took a correspondence course and then recieved an AA (two-year degree) in journalism.

AA degrees are generally held in contempt by those who have completed a full four year course of study.

Wake up and smell the grammar, Dickstain.