In January of 1984, we moved from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Los Angeles.  I had gained a minor reputation for my short stories, but a larger reputation for my literary criticism.  One morning, I noticed the Cinefantastique market report in Science Fiction Chronicle, and I got in touch with them.  My first assignment involved student films based upon Stephen King shorts.  My articles for Cinefantastique gave me an in with Judith Sims at Movieline.  i was the first journalist to say that Frank Darabont was a genius.  Back then he was working as a set dresser.  But when I saw Woman in the Room, I knew he was going places.

I both loved and hated Hollywood.

If you wanted to network, you went to parties.

The parties were pretty much as you might imagine them.  Drugs, alcohol, and sex.

But the literary side of Hollywood was just as bad.  The best way to get invited to parties was to bring the drugs.  After the first year there, the person bringing them was often me.  Especially to the literary ones.

The one thing that I will not do in this blog is to name names when I talk about how I flushed my life down the toilet.  You don’t need to know who was at those parties.

Suffice it to say, “it was part of the scene.”

There is rarely a single cause to anything, but a collection of causes.  You can come to your own conclusions about what the percentages were.