When I lived in Riverside County in California, nearly everyone on my block owned a pit bull. I saw one dog rip the side of the other’s face off. They chomp down, hold on, and shake it until it rips. The dog sits there with a long strip of skin hanging from its jaws. Then it drops that and goes for another piece of its adversary. It keeps ripping and tearing until the losing dog is a bloody ruin.

I have always been a scrapper, but life took that and made a pit bull out of me.

It was not courage and strength that set me free, it was tenacity. I chomped down like that dog and I held on until I ripped a hole in my adversary’s defenses and escaped, taking my daughter with me.

Dagstine upped the ante at Shocklines. Philbin joined in. I had a four year war with Pacione. Now he mostly leaves me and my daughter alone.

Now, I intend to chomp down on this talentless wannabee king of the hive and do what dogs do.

Welcome to my world and my war.