I have not seen any of them since 1997. Yet, I still have nightmares. The dreams often launch from a memory and then turn strange. There was one that I kept having that finally stopped when it resolved itself.

I was in this incredible mansion. H was there, Mike and Don, and Mickey. I was cornered. Sovay was little and clutching at me. In that beautiful modern mansion there was a hidden stairway that i was terrified to climb. It was old and rickety and the room at the top seemed to threaten us both. As the series of dreams progressed over a period of months, I eventually forced myself to climb those stairs.

Inside the room was all the good things I had lost. My first stuffed dog, Fluffy, and all my toys and dreams. (Bear with the fact that the good things hurt worse than the bad and my eyes tear up remembering the good things). I had one more dream of that room.

I found a door on the opposite side of the room that i had never seen before. Sovay and I went through that door in the final dream and there was this huge room like a military hanger and in the center sat an F-16. I climbed into the cabin, switched everything on and blew a hole in the wall with the missiles. Then Sovay and I roared out of there.

And the dreams stopped.