Natalie and I went grocery shopping yesterday. My head never works right when I’m shopping. The effort to make my left leg function properly (I have to remember to lift it) and the pain in my lower back from the spot where the spine is twisted causes my alertness to suffer and my mind to feel as cottony and diffuse as if I were taking pills of some kind. I usually leave my muscle relaxants off or space them at least several hours away from shopping trips.

I have a doctor’s appointment on the 10th and I’m making a long list of complaints. I’m just going to hand her my print out. I think that most of it is minor, but I have let matters go again for too long and they have accumulated (BAD JANRAE)

Dennis rode with us to the supermarket and kept worrying about being a problem for asking for a lift as far as Demoulas and kept trying to get out of the car prematurely (every stop light, and so forth). Finally I turned around and pointed at him, and barked, “Stay! Sit! Sit! There ya go, Good Dennis.”

He froze and gave me a startled look, muttering, “Men I can fight, but I know better than to mess with the ladies.” And he stopped trying to escape from the car. So we dropped him off at Demoulas grocery store and continued on to office max.

There has been some trouble in the building and several people were attacked. Dennis is a former roofer and construction worker. He’s lean and rangy. HIs hair is steel gray with white at the temples. The attacks have gotten him very worried. His purpose for going to the store was to replace the battery in his hearing aid, so he could hear if something went wrong in the hallways. He kept muttering, “Louie is my friend (he was attacked), and I’m gonna hear them next time. I’m gonna hear them and we’ll see if this old man still has it.”

I think that Dennis might be able to put someone through a wall. He still has those heavy muscular forearms from all the work he did when he was younger.

This is one of my bad days. The day after a lengthy run to the store is always difficult. I can feel the humming in my legs and feet that the doctor said was bouts of tachycardia. Hopefully that can be resolved on the 10th. The roaring in my ears is intense, but I can sometimes make that seem lessened by putting on music. I have been reading more about it. The are a lot of new methods for controlling it. However, it does appear to have an allergy cause. My smoking level seems to correlate with the tinnitus symptoms. Whenever I stress out and smoke too much, the next day the roaring is worse. Days that I don’t smoke as much, the roaring goes down to a manageable level.

I’ve put all of that into my print out I’m taking to the doctor.

Tuesday is the appointment for my glasses. When my eyes get tired, I have trouble concentrating on the computer screen and everything gets blurry with eye strain.

I remember a book that came out a few years ago, “Getting old is not for sissies.” Great book. The title says it all.

Sooner or later, everything comes home to roost. We accumulate physical issues as we get older. And if we started out in our youth with them, it just complicates the process of aging. Sooner or later, to greater or lesser degree, it overtakes all of us.