You do not have the most basic common sense (oh, that’s right, common sense is not common) to even find out if I were male or female before jumping on me Hence the his/her in your comment.

comment #25 by Adam Lowe

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You simply jumped to an unfounded conclusion and were rather nasty about it.

I’ve always been rather outré.

But I have encountered many people over the years who can not perceive the obvious. That includes you.

I am anticipating your handing me the old rant about how bi-sexuals do not exist. We’re fence-sitters.

I’m a Lettuce Bacon Tomato Sandwich. If you’re as gay as you claim, then you know what I’m talking about.

It is well known that male gays have little sympathy for bi-sexuals.

So what accusation will you make next?

Are you going to call me a fag-hag?

That’s an oldie, but goody. Gay bigotry toward straights is as well documented as the reverse. There are many things we say in private that we would try to deny having said in public. Doesn’t remove the aspect of bigotry.

What? Are you going to say that you’re not a bigot? Or that I should give you the names and addresses of my previous lesbian lovers so you can check my bona fides?

Do your bloody research before you start making asinine accusations.