With the electronic rights tied up for the next four years on the books that came out most recently from Renebooks, and in some cases longer for earlier works because they were sold as a series instead of individually, I’m looking at having to wait a total of eight years from original publication to any possibility of getting those rights back.  The majority of places do not want to purchase the print rights (which I own) without the electronic rights, because often the ebook version will outsell the print version at this point.  Renebooks hired Steven Beeho as my editor there  His willingness to dig in his heels when I have screwed up and insist on my making the required changes, led to my employing him to do a fresh edit of the earlier books that I decided to bring out in my own print editions.

Meanwhile I have other series making the rounds of publishers as i have held some of them back.  I’m nearly finished with Sins of Innocence, but it is not going to go directly to ebook as all of my previous material has.