Mike Bernoudy has a new entry on his Publisher’s Corner

1. Why does your company get the rights to an author’s books and never release those rights?

Once I publish a book it becomes a part of Blu Phi’er family and I get very possessive over it.

That being said, in our new contracts we lose our exclusive right to publish after 3 years and if an author gets a new publisher that company more likely than not will negotiate with us to get exclusive rights to the author’s books.

So an author must wait three years after signing with you to find out if you intend to publish the book or not?

That’s not the way that REAL publishers do business.

3. Why do so many of your company practices and even your company’s contract not comply with industry standards?
Once the publishing industry was dominated by a few publishing houses that controlled what was put into print.  It was at this point many of the practices that have become common in the industry were established.

Learn your history, Mr. Bernoudy.

At one time there were hundreds of major publishing companies.  That is when the industry standards were set.  It is only since the late 1980s that the corporate buyouts occured and the number of publishers dwindled.

I’ll also say this.  We are FAIR with our authors.  I spend money out of my own pocket to get an author’s book into print and to help it become successful.  I can’t promise an author will be a best seller but I communicate with my authors on a one on one basis.  I conform my contracts and business practices to suit the needs of an individual author when necessary, and I give authors chances who might never get into print dealing with the more established companies.  I deal with my staff and authors on more of a friends and family basis, and I think that makes up for us not fitting the mold of all those publishing clones out there

I have not seen anything fair about your contracts or your attitude.  Tell me how this is fair?  You have not answered the question, but given me a load of bullshit and doublespeak.

Furthermore, fairness should not be judged by comparing a smaller publisher to a larger one or as to whether a company gives an author all the concessions he/she may desire, but fairness should be judged by his, does a company produce a good product for an author and work hard to insure that product’s success.

Industry standard fairness includes a decent reversion of rights clause.  I have yet to see one.  I have yet to see you demonstrate that you are promoting the books.  Actions speak louder than words, Bernoudy.  So far I have seen no actions.

Answer: Our current marketing scheme consist of heavy internet marketing, mass emails about upcoming books, a rigid schedule of book signings, obtaining reviews, and forwarding catalogs to book stores. Networking with big names such as Cemetary Dance and Science Fiction Magazine, as well as heavy advertising. Booksignings are always being scheduled.

Show me the ads.  Show me what you have done.  Show me.  Show me. Show me.

12.  This isn’t a question, just something I observed.  There are actually sites out there dedicated to mindless gossip.  One such site is the “rusty nail”.  There’s a thread on it about this company http://therustynail.wordpress.com/2008/07/25/message-from-blu-phier-mike/.  I attempted to post a reply, but it seems they pay regular visits to my site so I’ll place my reply here.

Reply: I find it interesting that there’s an entire website dedicated to people bad mouthing others behind their backs.  90% of what you people are yapping about is incorrect.  Normally I wouldn’t even address BS like this site, but I have a little time on my hands.

We nailed your ass, didn’t we?