Bernoudy has just expanded his rant. In it, he claims that he generously gives the author 1/3 of the profits. Sounds great compared to 10% of cover price that is industry standard.

But do the math

Take for instance a $15 tradepaper book produced through LSI. (That’s where Bernoudy gets his books printed PoD style)

Distributors want 55% discount on the cover price
Bookstores want 40%
Basic cost per book at LSI is usually $3.50 to $4.00
Author gets 10% of cover price

Do the math and tell me which author gets the most money?
Industry standard or Blu Phi’er?

Let’s see.

Cover price $15
minus Distributor discount, we are down to $6.45
minus basic cost (taking the lower figure), we are now down to $2.45
Author gets 10% of cover price, ($1.50)
The publisher can pocket $0.95

Now, with the generous 1/3 profit, that $2.45 that the book earned gets the author gets about 82 cents.

Very generous of you, Mr. Bernoudy.