There are three types of people out there on the net, especially on the various messageboards devoted to genre. I have had plenty of encounters with them.

Back when I was brand new to chatrooms and messageboards, I ran afoul of a woman named Christina. She was originally from New England, but had relocated to Texas. She embraced Texas with relish, and created a southern belle image for herself. I met her in the first chatroom I ever went to at

I eventually started my own chat room so that I could talk to people without having to deal with her. I swiftly became worn out by her speak sweetly and stick a knife in your back modus operandi. She caused several flamewars involving me. I would ask her to leave me alone, and being new to chats and boards, I had not yet found my confidence dealing with them. Eventually, I informed her I had put her on ignore and then I ignored her — without putting her on ignore. She swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

One day she was so determined to slam me, that she changed her nick five times in swift succession just to tell me that I was a psycho. Unfortunately for her, she did it in front of a mod. Neither of them knew that I had not actually put her on ignore. So I was able to watch the entire action as it unfolded. Why was I a psycho?

I had written and posted a series of satirical poems about the adventures of a rather obtuse pirate and an evil empress. She decided that the poems were about her (they weren’t) and that therefore I had to be stalking her to write those poems.

Fast forward to my next encounter with an internet bully: Nickolaus Pacione. That one is still ongoing, so most of you don’t require a re-cap.

Next up was my first encounter with Mike Philbin, a wannabee hackmeister who knows so little about literary history that he is still trying to re-invent the wheel without rounding off the edges.

And now we come to the newest one, Lawrence Dagstine. And the reason for this post. I have been thinking about this entry for several days after reading the dingledork’s comments posted to Raingods’ blog.

The three types in the community I am speaking about are very clear in the comments there.
1) The bullies
2) the victims
3) the bully-bashers

Dagstine, Philbin, and Pacione, and my old foe Christina (who are all bullies.) complain that they are being bullied when people decide to fight back.

Double standards, anyone?