Jean has not had the full surgery. She’s had her balls removed. She could not afford the rest.

There are times when I wonder if my life would have improved had I cut them off myself with a pair of scissors while we were still married. She had an impressive set of male equipment. The largest I ever encountered in a long and varied sex life. A few of her ex’s and I got together just after she announced her sex change and bemoaned what a waste it was that she was doing this because of her impressive equipment.

[cue Spider Jerusalem saying “show us your penis, Mr. Sweeney]

I started getting odd complaints from our daughter Sovay. Jean was insisting on discussing sex with her. At first, I did not take it too seriously. Sovay has always been squeamish on the subject of sex.

Then about three months ago, I got a taste of what Jean was doing to Sovay. Jean called me up and spent two hours describing her sex life in graphic detail. I kept trying to change the subject, trying to bring it back to talking about the issues I was having with Renebooks, and she ignored me. Now I know a lot more about transsexual orgies than I ever wanted to know. And my issues with Renebooks have not been solved.

I finally hung up on her after she tried to invite me to one of her orgies.

(Continued from The Trouble With Renebooks and Symptoms of Trouble with Renebooks)