(Continued from The Trouble With Renebooks and Symptoms of Trouble with Renebooks)

This occurred to me early this year. Then it was proven out.

First I must talk about the flaws in my Dark Brothers books. I had intended for all of the paths to cross in Dark Brothers. All the various storylines. However, I was getting burned out and not really thinking. For two years I had tried to do too many things. And the last two books suffered because of it. Blood Harvest, and to a lesser extent, Blood Arcane are flawed.

I did not realize that I was cramming several novels into one book. It was when the computer died and I had gotten a few things printed out that I began to realize what I had done wrong. An editor should have caught it. But really, the PUBLISHER should have caught it. Jean Marie should have caught it.

I had Lukasz’s storyline, Kynyr’s storyline, and at the end, Amberlin’s storyline as well as Isranon’s in the pages of two books. I was alternating the chapters.

Someone should have caught it.

That’s what editors are for.

They are supposed to see what the authorial blindspot is missing.

I managed to get Blood Hope printed out before the computer died and as I went through it, I recognized what I had done. I immediately ripped it apart and moved each storyline into a separate binder.

I had six months of relative downtime, as the memory continued to die on the motherboard, the last thing to go was my ability to get my IMs up. I discussed it with a few people.

During the months that I was writing Serpent’s Quest longhand instead of having a computer to put it into, I had plenty of uninterrupted time to consider matters.

At first I thought the editor should have caught it. Yet, I can’t blame Karen Taylor for not remarking upon it. She did a good job copy-editing the books. However, I am certain now that she labored under the misconception that it had been approved by the publisher.

Whatever flaws Jean Marie has, she’s not stupid. Had she read the book, she would have caught the problems. But she had stopped reading my books.

I know that she read the first ones because we discussed them. Later she told me that she was too busy and therefore begged off discussing the later books with me.

I am forced to wonder if she read them at all.

Maybe she would have bought a shopping list from me and published it?

You never know.