So Jean Marie says that she’ll ask the distributors to take my books down.

That sounds okay, doesn’t it?

Except for one thing. Most distributors don’t control what the publisher has up.

Most ebook distributors have a back door that the publisher goes into using a password that was issued to them. The publisher uploads the books to the distributors site by a certain day of the week.

Then they are presented on a set day by the distributor.

Fictionwise is to have the books on by Thursday so they can be put out on Monday.

Most of this is automated.

I know this because there used to be a site called Ebookad. It fell behind in paying the publishers whose books it carried. Then it defaulted completely with a year’s worth of earnings lost to the publishers.

I just checked and it appears to be back again, but all the books I could find were public domain works. Anyway, onto Ebookad and my story.

When Ebookad defaulted on payments, several publishers, including Renebooks, arranged a raid to remove their books from that distributor. We went in through that publisher’s back door and removed all the books. There were five of us from Renebooks who did it. We substituted fake copies that Jean had issued to us. The only thing in those ebooks was “[owner’s name] is a thief.” And other insults

Within 24 hours Ebookad surrendered. All was fine.

But that’s how I learned about the back door.

When I needed to get something changed at Fictionwise on my books, I was informed that only the publisher could do that.

Back door.

What I wanted was a correction on the author bio.

When Jean reverted the rights on Mother Damnation and In The Darkness, Hunting, the books came down within an hour.

So why is this one dependent upon the distributor?

I will give Jean 24 hours and then start googling for those books.