I decided to get tough with Jean and when I demanded the rights to all my books back, I added in a mention about P&E. I meant it as a threat, but Jean took it as a heads up and is getting in touch with Victoria Strauss to straighten it all out.

She promised to return all rights to me. It won’t be official until I have it in writing. All of you who wish to get your rights back, ask for them.

Her response to what P&E had up for Renebooks, was “I have my correspondence caught up.”

Is it possible that she is unaware of what she has done wrong?

Sovay is very unhappy with her. Jean called Sovay’s IM’s “reconnaissance.” That can only be interpreted as Jean thinking that Sovay is only talking to her in order to report back to me.

Jean has recently begun to tell Sovay that I’m telling lies about her and to not listen to me. Sovay points out that she was there at the time and I’m telling the truth.

This brings me to an anecdote.

When Sovay was nine, her father was doing the usual yelling and screaming (a nearly continuous thing throughout the day). Sovay fled into her room. I followed, closed the door, and sat down with her.

I told Sovay that the fight was between her father and me. That she should not take it personally. I informed her that she was not to blame for anything that happened between Jean and I. I reassured her that her father loved her.

Then the door burst open and Jean charged into the room screaming “Don’t listen to her, Sovay. She’s trying to turn you against me.”

Sovay was completely taken aback by this and looked at her father in confusion. “Mom said you loved me.”

Jean sputtered and left.