Just in case my comment fails to make it out of moderation, I’m posting both Nicky’s comment and my own here.

# Nickolaus Pacione August 17, 2008 at 6:02 pm

Man this is one hell of a post. I can actually put a few links to a couple blogs that carry these traits, The Rusty Nail, ExposeTheTard, this individual, Encyclopedia Dramatica and SomethingAwful.com.

I was referred to you by an author who was on my roster. You got some gall and this entry is well researched. I want to see you go ahead and pick apart Encyclopedia Dramatica because that is a site filled with yellow journalism. I blog in various bursts because there are times I don’t have entries in my blog, and I am usually working on a novella or a couple short stories.

I send out here and there, then what you see with the industry is they have this blog gangland mentality. I am in touch with a lot of my real life friends from high school and college, then I have the ones I met via myspace and at book signings.

I got this one pissblogger (this is what I call a yellow journalist type with a blog,) going around urinating on every project I worked on. What about the bloggers who are exactly who they are in real life as they are online?

They are pissed off in person, and not afraid to say exactly what they want to say no matter how offensive it is. I’ve seen a high rate of book, music and movie piracy among bloggers too. They think it’s no big deal.
# 10 cussedness August 17, 2008 at 7:32 pm

While this is certainly a very good addressing of the issues related to obsessive blogging, it fails to take into consideration several other groups who might appear to be blogging obsessively, but in reality are not.

Blogs and message boards often become the only social vehicles accessible to the physically disabled and housebound who would otherwise not have a social life at all.

I suffer from Post Polio Syndrome and, on a bad day, I can barely manage to get across my living room.

And then there is the current aspect among small press authors to use the internet as a vehicle for publicity.

I do not believe that either of those groups should be counted within the categories that you mention, even if, at first glance they might appear to be ripe for inclusion.
It is ironic to see Nicky, who stalked me and my daughter for so long before I finally started to fight back, claiming to be the innocent victim of the backlash he caused himself.

Doubtless, Dagstine’s post at Shocklines is what set him off. He and Philbin are back to their old habits. Philbin provided the impetus and Dagstine provided the link.