Daggy says:

I’m slightly disabled. So? And I work part time and socialize. Blogs and message boards being addictive, yes, but being the only social vehicle is like calling it a repressive crutch (that’s just a feeble excuse). And, in turn, dubbing yourself a cripple. If you don’t have a social life, perhaps it’s because you spend too much time in virtual time, on a computer, or the blogosphere rather than trying to make friends right outside your door. You can even do something as simple as sit on a front lawn chair and breathe the fresh air.

He quoted me as saying:
I suffer from Post Polio Syndrome and, on a bad day, I can barely manage to get across my living room.
Daggy says:

Yet you manage to still blog, make coffee, and run over to your computer. Even in your worst condition. How is that possible? Me, when I feel sick, I go and lay in bed.

I’m not “slightly disabled.” Have you even bothered to read up on Post Polio Syndrome? It has nothing to do with feeling sick. It’s muscle pain, atrophied muscles, neurological trouble, and chronic exhaustion. It means the bones in my left leg and side are not formed right. It means that my left leg is nearly an inch shorter than the right leg, causing my lower spine to curve as I have gotten older. Comprende?

I have a small efficiency apartment. My bed is directly behind my desk. Makes it simple?


Daggy says:

In your blog, you’ve openly admitted to being racist… but said you’re not racist.

I have never been a racist and I challenge you to show where I have made racist statements, Dungstain. My maternal grandmother was part African American and my maternal Grandfather (they raised me) was a quarter Cherokee. My father was a German immigrant who came over to this country in the 1930s because his mother was Jewish and they had to flee Nazi Germany. I’m a full fledged American Mutt.

In your blog you’ve openly admitted to using illegal drugs such as Meth (other sites such as Livejournal suggest crack-cocaine), but you say you are a recovering addict. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but… THEN you admit you suffer flashbacks and hallucinations! Why, because you were outted

Dear Daggy, what is it you do not understand about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Failed to do your research again, methinks.

On the 19th of this month, I will have been clean for 20 years. If you’re going to insist upon calling me a liar, then I suggest you cough up the cash for my drug test.

Dear Baby Boy D’agostino,

I have never been a homophobe. I was accused of being a homophobe by Adam Lowe who then realized that I was part of the community. It was a misunderstanding and I found it amusing.

I have been out of the closet for twenty years about my sexuality. So how am I hiding it?

Next time, do your research, stupid. Comprende?

Edited to correct my math. Where’s Mike when I need him? August 19th of 1988, I voluntarily went cold turkey and admitted myself to a hospital. You won’t find any arrest records or such on my. I’ve never had more than a parking ticket in my entire life.