I promised to do this weeks ago. Here’s a new set of Tabloid splashy scandalous headlines and other facetious news items for everyone I can think of. If miss someone, let me know and I’ll put up a second set to include them.

Kody caught skinny-dipping with Karen Koehler.
Vampire author states “I was just training my new minion.”

Kim Paffenroth was seen sneaking into Louise’s harem. When questioned by reporters, the author of Dying to Live, stated that he was just looking for the kitchen.

Russel Nayle, influential celebrity gossip columnist, denied rumors that he was seen chasing Brian Keene with a butterfly net at the Stoker Awards.

CritGit rescued from cage in Janrae’s basement
. According to Raingods, leader of the rescue team, CritGit’s captor Ms. Frank was heard maniacally shrieking “Fix my flaws!” before fleeing into the New England forests.

Michele Lee captures Bigfoot. “Monsters make the best sex-slaves,” said Ms. Lee when interviewed.

Lawrence Dagstine severely battered by one-legged midget. “My fans love me,” said Dagstine.

Kevin Lucia arrested for burning books without a permit. “The bad prose made me do it! My eyes! My Eyes!”

Mike Brendan’s eyes implode! Janrae Frank implicated. News at 11. “I knew I shouldn’t have sent Mike that book to read. I knew it.”