Stephen Theaker just replied to my review of Philbin’s Bukakkeworld with the following:

“Can’t argue (from what I’ve read) with your comment that it’s a disgusting book – I think that’s the point – but it’s very clearly a young woman, not an underage child on the cover.”

I think that’s over stating the obvious.  Philbin wanted it to be a disgusting book.  However, Philbin appears to want to be appreciated and popular for writing disgusting books.  He wants the acclaim he thinks his genius demands.  This was plain from his starting that thread at Shocklines to get people to harass me for giving him that review.

The inherent dichotomy of Philbin wanting to force people to grant him recognition as an author while writing books that the majority of readers will find disgusting is schizophrenic in its diametrically opposed components.

Furthermore, if a book is intended to be disgusting, and then a reviewer makes the point that the book is disgusting, why complain about it? The review has merely recognized the writer’s intentions.