Philbin has shown up again at Shocklines. With Philcon approaching in November, Philbin is attempting to cozy up to people in an attempt to persuade them to nominate him for a Philip K. Dick Award. Previously in Dagstine’s forum, now vanished, at Horrorworld, Dagstine and Philbin were both going on and on about both the Hugo Awards and the Philip K. Dick Awards. Both awards are among the most prestigious in speculative fiction. Daggy wanted a fan Hugo and Philbin wanted a Philip K. Dick Award. At that time, Daggy mentioned that he intended to try and make it to Philcon.

How Philbin, notorious for writing noxious fiction filled with disgusting imagery, can believe that his work is as good as that of the previous winners and nominees is a study in infantile shit-fetishistic behavior patterns of the entitlement generation.

Insulting and offending the reader will not gain him an award in anything except poo smearing.

Writers are free to write what they wish.  Editors are free to buy what they wish.  AND READERS ARE FREE TO TELL BOTH THE WRITER AND THE EDITOR TO EAT SHIT AND DIE and refuse to give them awards they do not deserve. This especially holds true for fan voted awards.