Just over a month ago two friends of mine asked me to rescue their favorite poetry site.  The owners had divorced and Sue was thinking of closing it down.  I made an offer for it, intending to carry the costs and allow my friends, Steven and Theresa to run it.  At one time it was a lovely place.  Interestingly, there were only two males connected to the site.  Steven and the now ex-husband.  The ex-hubby turned out to be a predator and a bully.

When he heard that I was interested in taking the site over, he locked me out.  He was the tech for it and his wife had no access to the master ftp codes and such matters.  Then he came back with an offer.  He wanted a piece of my publishing company in exchange for the site.  He smelled money.

Sorry, Charlie.  If I had given you a piece of the action, I would then have had to send out the Unholy Squirrels of Doom to chop your head off within twenty-four hours.

Needless to say, my answer was “fuck off” and within four hours I had a domain name and hosting and techs set up for a new poetry site to be run by Steven and Theresa with guidance from Sue.  The new site is Thatotherpoem.com

Once we’re live, I hope that some of guys among my readers will stop over there so that Steven does not continue to be the lone male among a horde of young female poets.

I’m adding Rich Ristow’s name into the tags in the hope that it will attract his attention and he’ll poke his head in at least once, since he’s an expert on poetry and could probably make some helpful posts on the message board once we have it up.