After two days of fighting with Word to fix an annoying problem with the formatting, I’m finally back to work.  In the meantime I did come up with titles I liked for the first three books in the new lycan series.  The first two are roughed out with notes.  The third is just notes and a brief outline with a few scenes finished.

So here they are:

Book 1: The Loyalty of Wolves
Book 2: The Shrew of Heatherford
Book 3: An Honorable Renegade.

Loyalty just passed 38,000 despite the fact that I yanked a lot out of it. I totally rethought three scenes.

Winston Doherty’s little brother, Jeremy, is introduced to the village sneak, Rory Scott, in the first chapter and a friendship is formed. Now, I need to figure out how much trouble that pair of scamps can get into before it merges with the main storyline and I once more hit the more finished sections.