Daggy is still trying to win a fight with his detractors over at Range’s blog He singled out Johaha for a taste of his special brand of stupidity.

I hope that Range finds it amusing.

Daggy is getting closer and closer to figuring out who Johaha really is. I know who Jo is. I happen to be one of Jo’s fans.

Jo happens to be a pro. He has a list of creds that Daggy will never equal. Jo’s published works have a quiet intensity and a tremendous sense of compassion. His insights into the nature and strength of the human spirit are unique and powerful. His use of imagery is painfully beautiful. Some of his sentences make me ache with a pure, sweet love for the precision of his language. To equal it, you would have to go all the way back in American Letters to the mainstream writers of the 1940s.

Harry Harrison agrees with me on that.

Many, many, many years ago, Jo was among the first four victims of Dagstine’s viciousness. One of the other victims left fiction, but has recently moved into poetry. Two others simply stopped writing altogether.

America has long savored a love for when the victim turns the tables upon the oppressor; whatever form that oppression might take. That is what happens when Jo posts comments to various places. The victim is looking for a bit of payback.

However, the best vengeance is to be successful and Jo is that. So he has already had that much. I am in favor of giving him more than that when the time for revelations arrive.

Dagstine will never be more than a two-bit lame con-artist who attempts to present himself as more than he is and more than he will ever be.

Eventually, I will have a full fledged interview with Jo posted here when his novel comes out. Then we will see who has the last laugh — it won’t be Dagstine.