So Mike wants me to prove that I have read the book.  I have said publically that I have not read the entire book.  The first two chapters made me nauseous with disgust for the over done imagery.  I cannot think why anyone would want to read an extended metaphor dealing with ejaculation dripping all over people’s faces.

As varied and interesting as my sex life has been, I drew the line at that sort of thing.

So now Mikey wants to say that I am slandering him across the net.  That’s odd.  I have written only a single review of his book and he’s the one who crossposted it to Shocklines, not me.  The only places I have even mentioned him are Rusty Nail and my blogs.  So how is that “all across the net”?

Phleabitten has gotten his terms wrong, of course. Slander is verbal and libel is written.

So if I am ‘slandering’ him why doesn’t he pay a solicitor fifty quid and send me a ceast and desist letter. Or better yet, sue me.

Oh, right, he can’t afford to sue me because he would have to file it in this country, not Britain. And no author has successfully sued a critic in this country for reviewing a book. So Philbin would simply become a fresh laughingstock over here.

As a friend of mine used to say, “Philbin is overblowing the dick.”