Today I received several PM’s from people over at myspace asking if something was going on between Dagstine and me again. The reason was that Dagstine had contacted them about what it would take for him to join HWA, and included veiled references to an author and her minions who were trying to hurt him.


But anyway, why didn’t Dagstine simply go over to the HWA website and read the requirements? That’s what I would have done in his shoes.

I suspect that Dagstine sent out these inquiries because I posted about SFWA. While the affiliate rule is looser with HWA than it is with SFWA, Dagstine still does not possess the creds to qualify for a voting membership. Oh, my bad, he has those super secret awesome creds. Well, he will have to trot them out to join as an active.

Makes me want to rejoin HWA also.

As for Philbin, I qualified my statement from the get go concerning the cover image. I went and had another look at it, and you can see that it was not edited. “It appears to be an underage girl”

Then I got an upset and worried phone from my daughter who had followed my link, accidentally posted as me before she realized she was logged in wrong. So I added and edit to her statement. I could have deleted it, but I have this thing about history.

The internet is an ephemeral thing and processes of thought are lost when too many things get deleted or edited for less than major typos. I prefer to publish retractions, rather than edits and deletes. It serves to show that a) I was wrong and b) that I recognized it.

Humanity is not a perfect machine.

I am not a perfect machine.

My page views went splodey. Because of wordpress running on Greenwich meantime, the day ends at 8 PM my time and the view count changes. Since that was an hour ago, I’ll have to say yesterday.

But previous to yesterday, my top page views were around 350. Yesterday they hit 1,240. Big difference.

I suspect it was because Philbin posted links on goodreads.