I don’t see my review of Philbin’s book as being defamatory, nor do I believe in a case like this that I should have had to read the entire book to become offended by the metaphor. As I dip further through the book, I find that the metaphor continues.

Too often people say that the story is what counts. Well, I am of the belief that the story only counts when it is well handled. Philbin’s book is not well-handled. My complaint with the book holds true. The use of ejaculation as an extended metaphor is the source of the problem I have with the book. It is impossible to give any valid judgement of the book’s story line when the metaphor chosen is one of such a disgusting nature.

I am marking the book up as I go with a red pen and a highlighter. Then when I am finished, I will count all the instances of ejaculation and post the numbers. I don’t have a lot of time to devote to this, as my eyes tire easily, and I have more important things to read than to waste my vision on sludge that Philbin calls genius.

It does not take any genius to use adolescent potty language like a barely articulate fourth grader snickering to his fellows, “ooh, I said cum. I said cum.”