My review was clearly, very clearly, an opinion and not defamtory. I have finally been driven to the point of losing my temper with the little arsehole.

On and on and on and on run the semantic games. So let’s talk about MY country.

Here in the Uniited States of America, there is a growing backlash against pornography. I am of the opinion that the reason you cannot look inside the book on places like Barnes and Noble’s is because the content is so disgusting that it would offend the majority of American citizens.

Philbin’s novel is worse than the worst pornography I have ever edited and that is going some.

It presents itself as an important work of fiction indicting the corporate system, and yet it is written in the language and metaphor of pornography. In my opinion (yes, let’s make this clear that it is my opinion) the book is pornographic.

It is disgusting, ugly, and without artistic merit. There is no excuse in this country at this point in time to publish a book like this.

I did not defame the bloody author by stating my opinion and the review stands until I am forced to take it down by goodreads.

Mr Tweaker, if you are so pedantically stupid as to keep beating this dead horse, then it is on you head for your intransigent stupidity.

I made ever effort, except revising the bloody fucking review, to be conciliatory toward you. Now, I am all out of patience.

You sir, are a nitwit. You are a pedantic, ignorant, piss-proud idiot.

Considering the cover is of a naked female, even though the important parts are concealed by her legs, it is still a pornographic cover by the most recent standards of American Law.

I will always call Philbin on the indecency of his prose. His prose that is so clumsy and disgusting


that I am offended by it to the depths of my soul.

The metaphor acquires no virtue from its subject matter which has been done to death by better authors than Philbin will ever be.

Suck it up, Tweaker. You are a nitwit.