I never intended it to be a snark blog. I wanted a place to talk about my personal experiences, explore my disability, and talk about writing.

I don’t like the writing of Philbin, Dagstine, and Pacione.

It’s as simple as that.

However, the tendency on the net is for talentless hacks to spend as much time trying to destroy their critics as they do writing.

If critics fail in their duty to point out what is wrong with the bilge produced by some authors, especially authors who have more ego than talent, then how will the next generation of writers know who not to emulate?

Reviewers are gate keepers.

We are human, we are subjective, but in many cases, we are painfully accurate. Especially when it comes to the concept, treatment, language (and that includes grammar and punctuation), and characterization.

The aspects of writing are many fold.

For instance, I do not like the writing of John Saul. It’s a stylistic matter. His work seems dry and unappealing to me. Yet, his sentences work and his characterization cannot be faulted. His plots hold together. He does his research.

My dislike of his work is subjective.

It is a matter of personal preference.

I am not fond of Dean Koontz either.

Taste is a private matter, defined by individuality.

However, there are cases in which a book’s flaws are more than subjective taste.

I am not one of those readers who feel that story and concept trump style and craftsmanship. I have an opinion.

I do not believe that poor research, bad grammar, poor characterization, and disgusting metaphors are secondary to the originality of concept. The most imaginative and creative people on the entire planet are children.

Children have a far greater degree of originality than adults do. The reason for this is that they have not yet learned the difference between the possible and the impossible. Their flights of fancy soar and ride the winds of their imagination unimpeded by the walls that adults eventually form around themselves.

I encountered Nickolaus Pacione in 2003.
I encountered Dagsitine in 2007, but have since discovered that he had been stalking me for several years before he decided to bring himself forceably to my attention with the Nicky Interview.
I first crossed swords with Philbin in 2004.

So far as I am concerned, they are the Axis of Evil — Nitwit style.

Back when Brian Keene had his first messageboard, Philbin used to get in my face there and on Shocklines. Brian shut Philbin out.

Nitwits are like trolls, except that it’s their ego that regenerates with suprising speed and not their flesh.

(And yes, Mr. Tweaker, that’s my OPINION)

So my disgust with their antics and their periodic attacks upon myself and others who I know and respect led to this becoming a snark blog.