Nick is using verizon and his number is close enough to mine that I would be banning myself if I did an IP ban. I tried to blocking him other ways, but I don’t understand the system well enough. So he simply came back using a different account.

He posted again on my entry, “Suing Critics” and got past my attempt to stop him by using his alternate address. I have to figure out how to stop him.

I will let the nitiwts continue to visit me. I was very tired when I tried to block Nicky

60 Nickolaus Pacione

No Janice, you shut the hell up. You and your fucking “friends’ had harassed magazines for way too long, I want to know which one of your friends leaked Blood Contender to you. Was it Kaolin? I knew he was a faggot for doing that.
Not too stupid to live, just that I think homosexuality of any kind is an abomination. I know that you and RainGods both worship Matt Shepard. The fag didn’t die on the cross for you. Come clean about the libelous reviews you did of An Eye In Shadows and how the hell did you and your fan fiction writing friend Koehler came about obtaining a copy of the book.
That article linked is everything that you and your friends on the Other Dark Place feeling everything they said repeatedly biting them in the ass. You 4chan bastards have nothing better to do than to doctor up pictures of me when I am holding my chapbook, anthologies and the other projects just because you don’t want people reaing them. Hawkes put your cards on the table and admit how you got a copy or that book? Who the fuck sent it to you, was it a bastard who goes by because one of the copies was a rushed versoin.
I am also noting that Mike really has no clout to really say anything nor does tha flaming faggot from Arizona because they lack the publishing history to back up what they say. Threatening to put a nail in the wall of every magazine out there — what the fuck windbag? I guess you little bastards are emplying to get your books out there too. A little hard boiled hack and fake Christian going around trying to harass past publishers — thinking what was his biggest mission in life, to be the biggest prick in the country. You get the fuck out of this country and move somewhere more faggot friendly.