My regular doctor is on vacation. So the doctor I had was a stand-in. Like always, I become a bug under glass because of the polio. She asked me if I had failed to get the vaccine. And when I told her that I had gotten it from the vaccine, she knew instantly about my case and rattled off both the year and the type of vaccine I had been given.

I should have known I would still be remembered. After all there were only eight cases as a result of that vaccine. My immune system failed to properly suppress the live virus, which had been weakened and used as the vaccine.

But then I heard from another person who corroborated what the doctor I saw today said and I discovered that I’m still mentioned in text books on immunology.

The visit was the usual run through with measurements and tests. There was one doctor many years ago who completely freaked out when he would hit my right knee with the mallet, the leg reacted. The left was a total different story. The reflexes are dead as a doornail and he just kept whacking the leg and freaking until I explained to him about the polio.