Since Philbin decided to come out of the closet and try to take me on on my own turf, let’s have a look at this in detail. Comment #15

I am not BANNED from loads of forums and I am welcome wherever I choose to post (or I’d be banned, which I’m not).

Let’s take a trip back to 2004. Mike was banned off my board and off the board at Brian Keene’s. There were others, and if memory serves, this included Messageboard of the Damned, among others. I’ll be generous and say that maybe Pleabitten’s memory is not as good as it used to be. My forum back then was Whistling in the Darkzone and it was on Ezboard. Ezboard is long gone, but it was quite a bruhahaha when I banned him.

I was finally banned from Bizarro Central because I continued to say things they didn’t want to hear about the corporatisation of what-should-have-been creative (bizarro) literature. “It’s right to fight for what you want, for all that you believe.” I believe was my parting shot.

I didn’t start ANYTHING with Brian Keene, he said on Shocklines that he’d like to shit down my neck when I asked him to professionally go off and deal with John B Ford about his contribution to some ‘group story’ being published without his permission.

Mikey, you have a habit of antagonizing people, demanding discussion and then resorting to name calling and insults. Brian never started anything with you. You, as is your wont, started it with him. You have done this to far too many people for it to have not been recognized as a pattern.

I don’t KNOW Dagstine,

Uhm, Mikey, he posts comments on your blogs and on myspace. Furthermore, he bragged on Odark that you and he were joining together to destroy the industry with a project that was supposed to launch in 2009.

I don’t KNOW Pacione.

You were a regular on Ron’s message board, where you defended and encouraged Pacione; you shared an interview with Pacione at Skullring (I think it was); and you once tried to collaborate on a story with Pacione. So of course you don’t know him.

I don’t KNOW Horsely, we’re certainly not in any luncheoning CABAL. We’re just individuals on the internet who your group doesn’t like (for some arbitrary reason).

Are you implying that knowing people for years on the internet and making common cause with them does not count as knowing them? Therefore your words to them and concerning them does not count as knowing them? In that case, you don’t know me either, so stop whinning.

You guys nearly KILLED Ron Horsely. And you can’t see it. You think all your name-calling is clever. You make stuff up and fools swallow it.

You don’t know Ron, so how can you say we nearly killed him? Please for the sake of the readers, try to have a bit of consistency here.

My first published book wasn’t BFGS, it was Red Hedz (Creation Press 1989).

So I was wrong about that one. *shrugs*

EGG isn’t a story about a time-traveller, it’s a ’story’ about man and dinosaurs living together – if you know anything about paleontology, you know that dinosaurs and humans never met. It’s just a fucking story!

Ah, yes, Mikey. It is just a fucking story about fucking baby dinosaurs.

Have a nice day