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Or snag the screenshot from here in case Matt snips it.

edited to add: Matt took out the snippers. And the comments are gone. However, I will reiterate what I said.

I have known Mike Philbin since 2004, first encountering him on Shocklines and later places like Messageboard of the Damned, and Brian Keene’s old messageboard. At the Keene board, Philbin came on as cabbagepatchdoll and made trouble. That is what led me to Ron Horsely’s old messageboard where most of the talk was limited to bashing Keene and others. While Philbin disingenuously says that he only discovered me after I posted the “Who the Fuck is Mike Philbin?” post here, it was in reply to one he had already posted about me called “Who the Fuck was Janrae Frank” as if I had never existed. Love the “was” and so forth.

Mike Philbin and Des Lewis came to my board and Mike wanted Des to give me a hard time because Des had better creds (in Philbin’s dreams) than I did. The fact that I had only recently begun writing fiction again may have made me forgettable to some, but not to all.

Mike seems to have forgotten his “Who the fuck is Janrae Frank?” which earned him a comment from Keene and the post vanished.