So leave Ms. Datlow alone, and stop concocting these absurd stories. Oh, and be sure to take your tricyclics or your MAOIs (whatever the doctor prescribed you), before you go to bed tonight.

Love Lawrence

This little gem is from his comment here

So here we have the newest thing from Dagstine. I’m supposedly batshit crazy because I suffer from PTSD. Larry, I am not on anti-depressants or other meds for being crazy. I chose to use my writing (a recognized therapy) and try to bull my way through it. When various parts of your life are impacted by attempted murder (from members of my family mostly) and a fifteen year marriage that was so abusive it was reminiscent of a concentration camp existence, PTSD is a natural outcome of it.

You are implying that our combat vets who return from our various wars are batshit crazy. You had better re-think this comment and all previous and subsequent comments.

And here we have the mythical attorney threat

My attorney called me in a flash, scalded me, and told me to remove it.

Don’t worry, you’ll be meeting him soon. Paperwork isn’t drawn up overnight, ya know.

That must have been a seriously fast notice. My google alerts are set to come in as it happens. So let’s see…. within minutes of posting your attorney contacted you. Damn, he’s faster than a speeding bullet. Does he also jump tall buildings in a single bound and fly through the air?