I woke up with the roaring loud in my ears (I hate it), my legs from the knees down trying to escape the sockets, and my feet humming. I’ve been up for four hours now. The roaring has gone down (I think the fact that I was chain smoking yesterday added to it). All that is really left is the humming. So I’m doing okay at this point.

With my limited knowledge of physiology, I have been trying to get a better idea of the whys and wherefores that my lycans are so much harder to bring down than humans when they are in their hybrid forms. They are definitely not the superhuman creatures that lift cars and toss them such as you find in novels by Laurel K. Hamilton et al. Things that would kill a human in short order only slow them down. I see them as being about 25 – 50% sturdier, tougher, faster than the average human when they go hybrid. That’s allowing for individual variation. I think that some of it might relate to clotting factors.

I am reminded of some of the things they learned in England when they stumbled upon those War of the Roses era mass graves back in the late 90s. Some of skeletons found had been seriously messed up and then healed over. Facial bones and jawbones caved in on one side and sometimes missing pieces, healed over, and then they were killed years later in those final battles. The soldiers must have taken some impressive blows to the head and survived to fight again.