A. V. Wedhorn wrote a shitty book. All you have to do is use the look inside feature to see how badly written it is. I have discussed this slimeball before, but I think he’s shown up at sfreader.

One of the “reviews” is by the publisher herself and the one from midwest book review is by her sister-in-law. One of the others is by a woman who runs a tranny lingerie site whose speciality is bad English. And that is enough to cast doubt upon the rest of the good reviews.

The main tactic all of these obsessed vanity or self pubbed authors share is posing as their own greatest fan and spamming the boards. Wedhorn posted the entire first chapter on my old ezboard site and then got angry and outted himself when we raked him over the coals for bad writing. We also found that he had spammed over 300 messageboards in the same manner.