I had a hard time sleeping last night. Probably too much caffiene. So I got up and got my changes back to Ant first thing and started formatting on a book that was supposed to be uploaded by noon. Then word went apeshit and lost all my formatting. So I decided to take a nap.

I had barely dozed off when there was a knock at my door and that was followed by the fire alarms going off. No, it was not a fire. It was a surprise inspection of our fire alarms by the fire department.

3:44:36 PM) cuss: You know how the fire department inspects an apartment building?
(3:45:15 PM) Steven Beeho: yes
(3:45:23 PM) cuss: they walk through with this little gun like object. Hold it up to each fire alarm in the building. The thing emits a bit of smoke and sets off the alarms
(3:45:39 PM) cuss: one after another for over an hour

Edited to add: And I knocked my paper stand off my desk and broke it just as I was going to use Steven’s notes to work on Loyalty again.

Definitely one of those days. Autumn always seems to be when things around here most often go haywire.