Many, many, many months ago, when I started with my long going investigation of Blu Phier, I learned that Chris Manning was briefly associated with them.  It was a very brief association.  Chris soon discovered that Bare-Nudie was intransigent about releasing the books to the authors who wanted their titles back.

Chris attempted to persuade Mike Bernoudy to turn things around and behave like a normal publisher.  All of his attempts failed, because Bernoudy refused to treat the authors like people, rather than slaves he had purchased with a bad contract.

While I cannot share everything I learned (a lot of it was off-the-record), I do want to make it known that Chris became as much of a victim as the others.

Kudos to Chris for making the effort to salvage matters for his friends.

“It’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.”  That makes Chris a fine man in my estimation.