Guest Statement from Rusty Nail:

Nicky reported me to WP for an entry that contained screenshots.  WP alerted me to this, and frankly, they’re not sure whether it’s a TOS violation.  Copyrighting screenshots?  They’ve never before heard of such a thing.  In the meantime, I have two new blog entries pending review by the WP folks.
Although I’ve heard back from the guy, confirming who it was who reported me, as if there were ever any doubt, the issue remains unresolved, and I cannot post to my blog, other than to queue things for content review by the powers that be at WP.  All I can do is comment on previous entries, until this gets resolved, and my posting privileges are restored.

No doubt, the Nickster will crow about his victory, but I can assure everyone that it will very short-lived, and I shall prevail.