He’s got a new entry on Blogspot complaining about dial-up, but it’s far from a cross-post of his WordPress entry.

The failure of dial-up internet is the slow uploads; I am getting Verizon in the house well when I get it I can take the connection with me when I get it fired up. There are six USB ports on my computer, and I will be getting two more multi-ports which were carried over from my old computers.

Nicky needs a new nickname:  “Six Ports.”  It’s a nice alternative to “Two Kitchens.”  He talks about the portability of wireless, seems to think it’s his Verizon connection that he can use while on the road.  Most hotels/motels that offer free wireless, issue the password when you check in, or leave a placard on the desk in the room, listing it.  Nickypoo, it’s your wireless card that’s portable, not your ISP account.  You still have to cadge onto someone else’s ISP account.

Pay in advance as how I want to get this set up. Russo fucked up my Comcast account when she didn’t return the box and the modem.

Bullshit.  He’s been out of that apartment for over a year now, and using granny’s Comcast account until very recently.  Besides, it was his responsibility to return the cable modem.  I’m not sure what “box” he means, unless it was a converter box for cable TV.

When I get Verizon in place, this will free up my phone – and will use the dial up as an emergency system.

He really doesn’t seem to have much of a grasp of the way DSL works, does he?  If the phone line goes out, dial-up won’t work, either.

just paid up one of the writers on Tabloid Purposes: Book Five – I felt bad that she had to pay $25.00 for a copy of the book she was in so I gave her $26.00 for her story.

So, she got $1 for her story, and a contributor copy.  That’s mighty generous.

. . . if some of my articles manages to pay for Chinese when I go out, then that would be a good day in my book.

Around here, I can get a pint of hot and sour, egg drop, or wonton soup for $1.25.  Just sayin’.

What I want to see happen is have unlimited internet access and not paying a mint for it. I think $60.00 is a steal if you get wireless internet and they told me it is unlimited access.

I’ve never heard of broadband that isn’t unlimited access, regardless of whether you hardwire into the modem or plug a wireless router into it.

Who is to blame really for me losing access to Comcast? Not really myself, but I have to say one asshole who was pissed off at the fact he got in trouble for violating my copyright on another article I wrote for AssociatedContent.com . . .

No, Nicky’s never to blame for his actions.  He still doesn’t understand that AC hold the copyrights to any articles he posts there.  It’s part of the TOS.  Repeat after me, Nicky:  you DO NOT retain copyrights to anything you post at AC.