Here’s a post from Rusty Nail!  We’re not going to let Nicky’s antics slow her down.

Nicky’s got another new entry on his WordPress.

I am signed for a two year contract with Verizon Wireless and the only thing I have with them is the internet.

ROFLMAO.  Verizon Wireless is the cell phone division of the company.

When someone is exactly how they are in real life, and that shows how they are online it makes people nervous.

Nervous?  Not at all.  It just proves that he’s a jackass IRL, too.

It seems like they would do everything that violates someone’s intellectual property and rape the living hell out of it.

I thought someone had to have intellect as a prerequisite to producing intellectual property.  No intellect = no intellectual property.  No intellectual property = no violation.

I can see where the natives are going to be a little more restless because this post is taking a piss upon a hornet’s nest, especially when one “Christian” from Seton Hall University is picking fights on the trollish blogs.

I think he’s talking about Mike here, but has the name of the school wrong.

. . . the only one I have to answer to is me.

Don’t forget about granny and Uncle Don, Peaches.

Then again I am dealing with a fucker who stole my entries word for word too when I had a journal with diary-x (turns out that The Crusty Fail is Widdle Baby Nicky from Xanga, remember that piece of white trash?)

He’s confusing me with ExposeTheTard, again.  *sigh*

What you want to hear is this if I wanted to make my bulletin public I WOULD HAVE DONE IT MYSELF.

You beamed it out to everyone on your friends list, moron.

. . . violating every damn copyright I rightfully carry on articles that are published on Associated Content.

How many times do we have to tell you, Peaches, that once you post something on AC, you no longer retain copyrights?

About $60.00 paid towards it and will be paying $60.00 for my wireless internet connection which I am going to have inside of a week.

I know pricing varies from state to state, and has to do with state taxes imposed on phone service, but $60 a month seems awfully high to me.