Nicky is upset. He is sounding stupider than ever, but it does allow me to make some guesses based upon his use of terms.

That’s the last thing you want to do son. That douche is beyond pissed you sent a doctored picture of an asshole pointing a gun to my head. You’re pissed off because I decided to screen shot the blog entry, and for the record I didn’t give out that phone number you douche’s posted up there. You mess with my entire family son I will take that trip to Finland just to knock you into the Artic Ocean. That’s a clear threat to my family pal. What you going to do fly the States to yourself just to make my life a living hell? You know nothing about Americans.

First off, Nicky, Foghorn Leghorn imitations are not going to get you anywhere. You’re just not at all convincing.

Secondly, you can’t afford and never will be able to afford to go to Finland so long as you’re sucking the government tit.

Thirdly, you misspelled Arctic Ocean.

Fourthly, Finland is not touched on by the Arctic Ocean. There’s the Barents Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia, but no Arctic Ocean.