According to lunatic fringe author, Mike Philbin, the saucers have landed and martial law in the United States is a fact.

However, help is on the way.  Transhuman hero, Mike Brendan, is fighting the invasion alongside a fifty foot Ant.

Karen Koehler has informed sources that Godzilla is on his way.  Can Gammera be far behind?

Phil Smith declares that he’s cooked up something in his hidden castle in Scotland that will prevent the New World Order of Nitwits from landing their saucers in Britain.  He promises that it will be extremely nasty.

Jerrod Balzer is said to be organizing an army of Elite Special Forces Sasquatches and Creatures from the Black Lagoon.  Nessie complains that flying saucers have given her indigestion and she’s decided to crack them open and eat the contents without the shells.

Saber-toothed feline, Odetta, has left a string of broken saucers in Arizona.  Raingods complains, “You can’t keep eating them before I can catch one.”