In addition to everything else, I may have skin cancer.  I got way too much sunshine while living in Southern California.  My skin is too fair to tan, so I got sunburned a lot.  My doctor is in the process of making the appointments to have a specialist remove the moles from my face that have turned strange and examine them.

On a more up beat angle, I’m also going to be getting a fresh run of physical therapy for my leg.

They increased my meds and my feet stopped singing again.  It had become intermittant, but now it should stop entirely.

When I see the doctor again on the 31st of this month, they are going to make appointments for me to get my ears and hearing re-checked and possibly be able to do something for them.

As usual, I have kept putting all of this off and it piled up on me.  Sovay and Natalie kept nagging me until I surrendered and agreed to make a list of my complaints and take them to the doctor.  I changed doctors, but am still going to the same clinic.  My new doctor is very together and was far more thorough than the previous ones.

And yet, I was not made to feel like a bug under glass or a germ on microscope’s slide.