Whispering Spirits is run by Diana Cacy Hawkins.

I don’t know her well.  But she has been kind enough to run stuff about me on her board.

I have known for months that she had published works by Dagstine, and I tried to ignore it.

Rusty’s post forced me to take a long hard look at it.

I can’t and won’t change my stance about not subbing material to a magazine that has stories in it by Dagstine.  It would be a violation of my personal ethics.  In the end, it is really irrelevant since I rarely write short fiction.  I have only written a single short story in the past two years.

Dagstine singled me out for abuse long before I even knew that he existed.

Publishing Dagstine does not make Diana a bad person.  I’m not going to fault her here, except to say that I think she could have found far better writers than he is.

I don’t have a clear course of action here.

My initial reaction at this point is to lunge into kamikaze mode and have every thing concerning me and mine removed from her board.  But I’m going to try and restrain myself.

I’m going to take a day and think about it.