I received a lot of very good comments my previous post about Whispering Spirits.

I find myself agreeing with those who said that I was imposing too many limits upon myself, and expecting others to follow suit.  Writing should not be about limits.  By fencing myself in with my refusal to sell shorts to paying markets that Dagstine has sold to and continues to sell to, I have created my own little ghetto.

It might be a better ghetto than Dagstine’s (after all, I am primarily a novelist), but it remains a ghetto.

Just as I took my reprints to Associated Content, despite (or because of)  Nicky’s presence there, I intend to feel free to sub my material to those paying markets that Dagstine sells to.  I might even sub to the same anthology markets that Philbin does, but only if they are paying markets.

I say, “Let’s not fence ourselves in.  Let’s show those markets how it is done.”

And even more to the point, let’s not condemn the publishers and editors for buying Dagstine’s stories.  They are not the target.  Instead, let’s sub stories to those paying markets and strut our stuff.