Matt posted a link to an article by Betsy Mitchell, a senior editor at Del Rey.  None of them seemed to realize that Betsy has been an editor for close to thirty years and none of them seemed sufficiently awed.  Dagstine has a response up that suggests he thinks his vast underground, reprint riddled, and unspecified sales are equivalent to what Betsy is talking about.

But let’s talk about the good points of this.  A lot of authors ask why editors and agents want to be given lists of places  the book is likely to sell to, and what groups of people might be the target of interest, and other selling points.  This is why:

It helps them fill out a TI sheet or points to how it might be filled out.  More and more in trying to sell to the majors, and some of the more upscale indies, TI sheets are crucial to convince the Sales and Marketing Departments that the book has a viable audience.