There is no real sense of community that I have found so far on world of warcraft.  So far I have only found a single person that I liked playing with.

Most of the time, no one stops to think.  I was kicked out of a group I was in briefly because they decided that I was not committed enough, maybe even a pansy or something.  The leader was a lvl 42, I am sitting at 27, and there was an 18 lvl paladin and a 17 lvl something or other.  They went into a very confusing dungeon, doing the usual heedless rush and getting killed.  The farther down into the dungeon you get, the more difficult and annoying it is to get your body back.  I suggested that the lvl 18 and lvl 17 ought to try something easier and got shafted as a result.

I’m a bad person for addressing the obvious.

The lvl 18 was with a different lvl 23 priest, and they could not figure out how to get the mine quest, and they almost decided not to go after the Defias Messenger.  Without getting the messenger and the traitor quests, you come to a deadend on the main storyline.  I showed them where to do both of those.

Another couple of folks I ran with briefly were gripping about the zombie plague, yet they kept rushing headlong into the towns without first checking them out along the edges.  And I was a bad person for suggesting that they slow down.

Another point that no one wished to listen to was that no one was getting any points on the mine.  Why?

Well according to the rule book, if the leader is too many lvls above the rest, they only get points when she/he scores a monster on their own lvl.  There is a five level rule.

Which makes me wonder if anyone but me bothers to read the bloody rules.