WoWhead is an interesting resource and I have enjoyed going through it.  It is not 100% as I still have trouble with a few quests despite their information.  One of those is taking the package to Lake Mohan.  I have no idea how to get there, even after reading their explanation.

The aspects of strategy they show and the level of group tactics are something I have not found.  I do, however, have someone who answers my questions when she is online. Whiteplague is an elf rogue.  She talked me into dueling with her.  I was pissed and just stood there without doing anything.  Then I explained my feelings about duels.  She then challenged again and let me whomp her. At the time, I was 1 lvl below her, 25 to her 26.  Now, I’m a shade away from lvl 30 and she’s still at 26.

Adem is another I like playing with.  He is in a timezone two hours later than Eastern US.  I have no idea where that puts him.  He made me some really cool armor as a gift.

I read the manual and I still miss things.  I kept thinking that I had to get patterns before I started making stuff out of leather.  Then I learned that I had gotten the basic patterns with my apprenticeship.  Now, I’m grinding certain areas to make up for lost time.